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Learn what it takes to Be / Anything — a learning platform that helps you achieve your goals.

Learning content curated just for you.

Be / Anything provides you with websites, articles, videos, and a place to understand what you're learning. Learning content is curated based off of your goals, skills, and boundaries. We help people with a wide variety of goal's and skill sets be anything they can imagine.




How it works

Introduce yourself

Get started by telling us your goal, skill set, and boundaries. Be / Anything will search through our database to find the skills and targets required to accomplish your goal. We will then provide learning content that helps you leverage skills you already have and pick up new ones.

Start learning

Once Be / Anything gets to know you, we will assemble modules and targets that will bring you closer to achieving your goal. Each module has learning content that will help you reach certain milestones. You can also search and access our database of quality content from all across the web.


Continue by answering questions about your goal as you learn. This will help us provide suggestions on how to pivot or specify your goal. We can then adapt your learning content and modules so you can utilize your new skills.

Find out if Be / Anything is for you.

Do you know what you want to do / be?


I want to do / be multiple things.

I know what fields interest me.


If you are a student, do you go to a school that provides access to classes that fit your needs?


Some, but there are too many prerequisites.


Not a student.

When do you learn the most?

In a classroom.

When I'm trying to solve a problem.

When I'm reading or watching content about topics that interest me.

Do you have any skills or expertise relating to your goal?