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Be Anything powers authentic learning

Make authentic learning visible

Individual is the new standard

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Personalized Paths

Students don’t want to follow paths, they want to follow passions. With Be Anything’s personalized topics and driving questions, student work can be as differentiated as the students themselves.


Project Management

Be Anything is a platform that helps students plan and structure their projects. Be Anything’s project breakdown and tasks management ensures your students always know their next steps and keep you in the loop.


Targeted Context

Identify where students are stuck and striving. By combining project management and reflection, visualizing student context becomes more seamless, resulting in targeted teacher interventions and intensives.



Be Anything makes portfolios easy. By integrating documentation into the process of learning, displaying student success becomes seamless, saving precious class time.


Introducing Be Anything

Students don't want to follow paths, they want to follow passions. Find out how Be Anything can help increase student engagement and reach higher outcomes. Connect standards to student passions. We're flipping the switch from documenting plans for students to documenting plans by students.

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